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Sheet that gold dust
— Anonymous, in response to someone asking where the paper in the printer/copier machine was. Follow-up: "During the war when somebody gave you 1 cup of rice, they na give you diamond"
God bless you with it now, and you start making bed on it
— Anonymous
She looking like ‘Despicable’
— ANONYMOUS (upon seeing a white woman with glasses)
You go take new wine and you put it in old wine bottle
— ANONYMOUS (discussing George Weah's presidency so far)


Overheard somewhere in Monrovia:

Man 1: "She come talking about how she coming go America to be pastor. That who told her woman can be pastor?"

Woman: "Oh! For true? Women can't be pastor? Is that what the Bible says?"

Man 2: "Yes, that's true. This man here knows the Bible." 

Man 1: "Yes, it's in the Bible. Refer to 1st Timothy Chapter 2, verse 12... Whatever demonic churches ordaining women pastors they finish going to hell."

Man 2: "Woman can pray and be prophetesses but not a pastor. Women are supposed to submit"



She better not give him kick
— "KICK" : when a woman leaves a man but clears the house of all the things that make it a home. FURNITURE,etc.